Lousy Smarch weather

Posted on 03-16-2004 by Axe
The month of March brings rain, snow, and more rain. Not that any of us would be going outside and leaving our precious internet anyway. However, it is a good enough excuse to be doing things we wouldn't otherwise be doing, such as playing The Sims Online.

We decided to try the game together and quickly picked up on the process of repetitive tasks. In our lavish e-houses there is no such thing as too few chairs (zero) or too many urinals (fourteen).

We set out to explore the unknown and learned a few things along the way. Namely the fact there are many lonely people on the internet. There are no overweight people in TSO, but their pictures tell a different story. You can find every internet stereotype in TSO, from furries to 13-year-old CS players. It got me thinking, what if we are in a sims universe. It's a whole new level of determinism. Think about it man!

Time wasted on TSO: Hundreds of hours.
Conclusions: The average TSO player is an overweight housewife in her mid-30's. People spend hours each day playing a game you can't beat, just to forget the life they live in the real world.

Good times.

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