Merry Christmas eve eve

Posted on 12-23-2001 by Axe
Hey there my IRC companions. It is I, Axe. You may know me from the CSOTF or from IRC. Either way, my news posting abilities make me superior to you. Anyway, download the Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer demo if your a cool guy.

Be sure to check out, nemo's sister site to semicolon-zero. A complete gallery of "Y helo thar" pictures, box translator, and forums. What more could you ask for.

As 2001 creeps to a close it's time we take a minute to think about the future. By this time next year it is predicted we will be in the exact same situation as now, or all be killed by terrorists. Either way I know I'm going to have a good time.

Have a merry Christmas, happy new year, and a holocausterific hanukkah.


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